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The Very Angry Halloween Monster

The Very Angry Halloween Monster! Here are some pictures of my monster project!      

Design Club: Design a helpful mobile app

Design a helpful mobile app Here are some pictures showing the different sketching steps of the app!  

Micro:bit: Shake output to LED Light String & Coding my name

Shake output to LED Light String For this Micro:bit workshop, I have programmed the micro:bit to light up when I shake the LED light! I have also programmed the micro:bit to display my name with flashing lights!    

Micro:bit : The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar . A Micro:bit project!                                

Design: The Torch Project

The Torch Project! For my birthday, I decided to organize a STEAM workshop with 5 of my friends with the help of my dad who’s done the design of the torch. The project went very well and my friends had lots of fun making the torch from scratch. They all went back home with their […]

YouTube Tutorial: Smiggle Snake

Smiggle snake