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Christmas Lightbox-Dec 2018

Christmas Lightbox-Dec 2018

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The Christmas Lightbox

On the 8th of January, I ran a ‘Christmas lightbox’ workshop using the Microbit and  neopixels at Kingston University, for CoderDojo.

It was a fun, creative and calm workshop (in a really good way). The Christmas spirit was definitely there!

Ben and Val prepared the cardboard boxes and decoration materials. On Saturday morning I found out that I needed to do some last minute prep. I had to get a new batch of neopixels lights ready. Everything was under control though. Straight away, I grabbed some crocodile leads & turned the soldering iron on. After a bit of wire stripping and tinning, I had all the leads soldered onto the neopixels.

These are the materials & tools that I used:

  • Red, white &  black crocodile clips
  • Soldering iron & solder
  • Wire cutters
  • X 4 Neopixels

One end of each crocodile clip had to be snipped off and soldered to the neopixel connections. Ben & Val were really happy that I was able to get the neopixels ready in time!

The workshop went really well and I even managed to make my own lightbox, as well as helping the others. We didn’t have many Christmassy things to decorate the lightbox with, which gave the children attending a chance to use their imagination to be more innovative!

At the end of the workshop, we had a Show and Tell. Two people from my table went up and talked about the lightbox they had made. I was really proud!
Overall, the afternoon session went really well and I had a fun time making and helping out.

P.S: some of the attendees wanted to know where they could get the neopixels from so that they could tinker at home, which was nice to know!


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