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Line Following Robot – Nov 2018

Line Following Robot – Nov 2018

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Line Following Robot

On the 10th of November, I ran a Microbit robotics workshop at Coderdojo – Kingston University. The objective was to build a robot that would follow a track or line on the floor. The chassis was the same as the one I used in a previous workshop; however, this time the Kitronik motor driver board and line following sensor had been added.


We coded the Microbit using javascript block and added the Kitronik extension package. The attendees had lots of fun problem solving and adjusting to do in order to make the robot follow the line perfectly. Everyone was eager to change the line following track to see how well their robot would cope!

I was really happy that everyone managed to test out their robots and play around with them. In another workshop, I would like to do a similar robot but with a different feature added to it. Overall, I thought the workshop went really well and I am looking forward to doing another one next month.

Oh! Guess what?……. the girls outnumbered the boys this time!




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