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Last Kingston University CoderDojo for the season – June 2019

Last Kingston University CoderDojo for the season – June 2019

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Saturday the 15th of June, the last CoderDojo Kingston University event of the season! I ran an adapted version of the project that I delivered last week at Surbiton high school as part of the Royal Institution of Computer Science outreach programme.

I was keen for the workshop to run as smoothly as last week and for everyone to have a positive experience with Python programming.

When it came to running the session, it was nice to see an equal balance of both boys and girls participating. As I was mentoring people aged 8-14, most of them were accompanied by a parent. I noticed that as well as the kids being engaged in the workshop the parents were really hands-on & enjoyed helping their daughter/son. If someone needed help I would jump in, and on many occasions, the participants were keen to lend one another a helping hand.

What really caught my eye was towards the end of the workshop, kids, who were not on my table, became inspired by what the attendees, I was mentoring, made and coded their robots to do. The end of the session was great! The group of kids and their robots had a chance to interact with each other and it became a bit of a friendly racing and barging competition/ game.

CoderDojo at Kingston University will resume in September.

I am now preparing for Stemettes Future Summit, where I will be running a Microbit Robotics workshop on July 13th. The summit is a packed schedule of STEM workshops, panels, and talks featuring role models of all ages. I am very excited about this upcoming event!


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