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BitBot at CoderDojo Kingston University_Sep 2019

BitBot at CoderDojo Kingston University_Sep 2019

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Saturday the 14th of September, the first CoderDojo of the 2019-2020 season! For this opening session, I decided to run a workshop using Bitbot because it’s got so many cool features you can expand on.

In preparation, I reviewed the Bitbot instruction sheets that I had made for an earlier Stemettes event. I also re-assembled one of the robots to familiarise myself with the build, while highlighting any struggles the attendees might face along the way. Now my workshop was ready.

As I walked through the doors of Kingston university, leading into the CoderDojo event space, I immediately recognised several familiar faces. It was nice to see everyone so lively, seeing as it was the first day back. I was greeted by Peter and I was happy to see Ben and Val who were ready for action as usual.

When all of the attendees started to arrive and took their seats, I felt reassured, since they were so keen to get started. Apart from a few pointers in the right direction, everyone managed to handle the workshop well. I think the majority had experienced a Microbit workshop before, and you could really see how they were able to apply their skills to this workshop. It was also very satisfying to hear people saying to each other, that they would like to do something similar at home.

Once assembled the Bitbots were programmed to use their sensors to dodge any obstacles in their way, as well as being coded to display a variety of light patterns. Once the attendees had done this, they were more than happy when I gave them each a pen to attach to their Bitbot. Introducing a pen allowed them to visually record on paper how the robot was moving. Being curious is a good thing, particularly when you are eager to experiment with the different features of the Bitbot, which is exactly what the attendees did!

Overall I think the first day back was a breakthrough, considering that there hadn’t been a CoderDojo at Kingston University since July. I definitely can’t wait until the next one!


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