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Tech Talks: Smart Thinking for Kids

Tech Talks: Smart Thinking for Kids

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Tech Talks: Smart Thinking for Kids!

On Sunday 5th November 2017, I went to a tech talk called “Smart Thinking for Kids”. It was a mini-conference on new technology aimed at curious kids aged from 8 to 13.  It was
promoted by Urban Explorer & provided
opportunities to listen to tech entrepreneurs & creators talking about their experiences & inventions, sharing their passion for what they do.

There were many different speakers who talked about their tech products, their tech journey & their current projects. The panel was made of the following presenters:

I enjoyed listening to all these presenters and what they had to say. Three of them were particularly interesting to me.

I was amazed by the Hyperloop project! The idea of reinventing transportation and reducing transport time really got my attention! Can you imagine travelling from London to Edinburgh in 50 mins instead of 4.5 hours! That’s pretty cool to me! This project is underway and some testing is being carried out in Nevada, US. I cannot wait to hear more about their progress!

I also really liked Bethany’s talk, it was really motivational.  She explained her journey and presented a range of products that are being developed to get children into STEM activities. I really liked that fact that kids can be part of their inventor club! I will definitely join this!

Then there was Sophie Hackford’s talk. She’s is a futurist and travels around the world to spot what the next big ideas could be or what the future could look like. Her journey  and stories sound fascinating!



One of the perks of attending the conference  was the free raffle tickets that I was given at the start. Winners were picked at the end of each talk. I was lucky to win a prize from Wonderbly.

As the day came to a close, we had the opportunity to see some exhibitors such as Fire Tech, Littlebits, Ohbot, Tech will save usBlueShift, and many more! We were also given goody bags.

I enjoyed my time and I am looking forward to seeing what other talks will be there next time!

You can see more pictures of the event on my portfolio here!


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