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Virtual Girls Into Coding #7 & 8 – January 10th & 31st, 2021

Virtual Girls Into Coding #7 & 8 – January 10th & 31st, 2021

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We kicked off the 2021 Girls Into Coding programme with our Virtual Girls Into Coding number 7 on 10th January & Virtual Girls Into Coding number 8 on 31st January.

Over these two events the girls had 6 different workshops which they could choose to be part of:

  1. Robot Simulator
  2. Microbit Robot
  3. The Crawlbot
  4. Exploring 3D Design
  5. Robots and behaviours
  6. Creative Coding with Python Turtle

Robot Simulator

This was led by Sam (@samhohcm). The girls got to learn about simple algorithms that help robots travel to where they need to go; they got to write programs in Python, helping their robot to manoeuvre through an online simulator.

 Microbit Robot

This workshop was led by me, Avye(@girlsintocoding). The girls built a robot powered by a Microbit adding a motor controller board, an ultrasonic sensor, wired the components together and then programmed it using MicroPython.

 The Crawlbot

The Crawlbot session was delivered by Llewelyn (@tcreatelearn). The participants had to build a 2-legged crawling robot. Then attach a Microbit controller, use MakeCode blocks to code the legs to move in a lifelike manner.  

 Exploring 3D Design

Graham (@GrahamCREATE) led this workshop. This workshop was designed to get the girls quickly up to speed on core skills, best practices – while having an opportunity to explore Blender, SketchUp, Sculptris & TinkerCAD.

Robots and behaviours

This was a fun introduction to creating behaviours for robots & was led by Ben (@BenMoneyCoomes). The girls got to use a robot simulator and programmed a robot with insect-like traits to move around using python code.

 Creative Coding with Python Turtle

This workshop was led by Rehana (@rehana_makes). The girls were able to get creative with code. They explored using Python to generate shape & colour, creating their own artistic masterpieces.

As with all our events, we were joined by some inspirational female role models, each doing cool things in the tech space. They shared their amazing stories and insights into their professional roles and also interacted with the attendees through warm and friendly Q&A.

Eneni Abban

Eneni Abban -@The_Techover is a Robotics and AI Engineer, STEM Communicator, and Award-Winning Speaker. She currently leads an E-commerce tech startup in Ghana and organizes coding and robotics workshops across Africa and in England, to educate, encourage, and support young people – especially females – into pursuing careers in engineering. She is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion, and has created communities within both the engineering and the gaming/anime space for people regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation to feel safe and meet other people with similar interests.

Omoniyi Giwa

Omoniyi Giwa – @OmoniyiGiwa – Omoniyi Giwa is a principal program manager at Arm, where she is focused on using her proven ability to initiate improvement and change to successfully drive the delivery of the Total Compute Strategy. In her spare time when she is not planning a kid’s party, she is busy raising awareness as a STEM ambassador on the variety of enjoyable career paths open to all when STEM subjects are studied and how it can enable you cut across industry sectors.

Samaira Mehta

Samaira Mehta – @CoderBunnyz -Samaira is a Tech Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, California. She has taken Silicon Valley by storm and has been a speaker at over 100 conferences nationwide. She has held over 500 workshops that spotlight her board game and taught over 10,000 kids to code. She received a letter from then First Lady Michelle Obama and was offered a job at big Silicon Valley corporations. Did we mention she’s 12? 

Avye Couloute

Avye Couloute – @girlsintocoding –I am a coder, maker, workshop leader, a girl in tech advocate, the Founder of Girls Into Coding, and a multi-award winner. Two and a half years ago, aware of female under-representation in STEM education & careers, I was motivated to found Girls Into Coding to encourage more girl involvement in tech.

I have been really amazed and humbled, not only by the feedback but also by the turnout of our ever-growing community. I’m so pleased to share that we had girls from the U.K., USA, Canada, Singapore & India all attending our last live virtual event.

I’d like to thank all of the workshop mentors, the amazing speakers, the girls & their parents, and my mum & dad, for all coming together and continuing to make these virtual events a success.

 I also like to say a special thank you to BTEGComic ReliefNet for sponsoring our 7th virtual Girls Into Coding event, and Arm for sponsoring our 8th one. Without this type of support, we could not continue doing what we do.

 One last thing, I hope all of the quiz winners from the last 2 events enjoy their prizes!

The next Virtual Girls Into Coding event, sponsored by Angular London Meetup, will be on February 14th, 2021. Bring it on! 



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