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CoderDojo Dragon Hall – Nov17

CoderDojo Dragon Hall – Nov17

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Learning Python!

On Saturday 4th of November 2017, I went to the CodeDojo Dragon Hall in Covent Garden. There were lots of different activities like: Micro:bit, Microbot, Python, Scratch, HTML, Raspberry Pi, app design. I decided to do something different that I hadn’t tried before, which is Python!.






I worked with a girl who was a bit more experienced than me with Python. I think working together with someone is sometimes a better way to learn new things and it is fun!

We were given a worksheet on Python. Using a text editor called IDLE I was able to complete the task. Our mentor Louie, also helped us understand what the code meant and eventually we inputted the code for a set of commands. In the end we ran the code and we were able to see what the code did!

I really enjoyed my time because I learnt and did something that I had never done before. It was also fun to code with another girl!

I can’t wait to learn new things on Python in upcoming Dojos! The next one will be a Dojo Girls only at Thomson Reuters on Nov 11th!


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