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Making of a Torch – Sep 2017

Making of a Torch – Sep 2017

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The LED Torch!

As part of my 10th birthday party I decided to organise a STEAM activity workshop with 5 of my friends. I had help from my dad.

In turn we were able to help him trial a LED torch kit that he’d been working on.

Making the torches was so much fun.  We got to learn a bit about the components while preparing them to be assembled.  Some of the components had to be soldered together.  The soldering was cool, we got to do it ourselves & we had to use protective eyewear, which made us look like scientists!.

One of most enjoyable bits of the activity was when we each, in turn, tested our circuits.  We waited in anticipation & gave one another a massive cheer & round of applause after each circuit was successfully tested.  

Every single one worked!  We helped each other to work through the bits we found hard & as a group we  successfully completed the activity!.

Click on the link below to see more pictures of my project!

Design: The Torch Project





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