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CoderDojo Ealing-Dec 2018

CoderDojo Ealing-Dec 2018

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Line Following Robot

On Saturday 15th December, I ran my second line following robot workshop. This time I ran it for CoderDojo Ealing at West London University.

In preparation, I assembled & tested all of the robots. I did this to ensure everything was working & ready for the Saturday session. 

When I arrived at the University, I noticed that the room allocated for the workshop was bigger compared to the last time.  There was enough space for everyone to comfortably get on with their workshops. I was very happy about this and everybody seemed to enjoy the new space.

The workshop was very interactive, I went around helping and encouraging all of the kids. After a while, they felt comfortable enough to help each other. I was very happy that everyone was determined to finish and see their robot in action on the line following track! I was particularly impressed that two of the youngest kids managed to successfully deal with the different tasks.

Overall it was an enjoyable Saturday afternoon and everybody was really calm and relaxed. The kids enjoyed themselves, and for me, this is really important! I haven’t yet decided on what my next workshop at CoderDojo Ealing – West London University will be – but it will be cool!



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    Janet CouloutePosted on10:24 am - Dec 24, 2018

    Dear Avye, I really enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you through your interests and talents. I was particularly taken with your trip to Rome and the way you are able to enthuse and enable. Perhaps one day soon I will get meet your robot.

      AvyePosted on2:32 pm - Dec 24, 2018

      Dear Janet,
      I am glad you like my blogs and what I do in relation to coding.
      You are welcome to come and visit my robot-s !
      Avye – –

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