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Coder Dojo Girls only #1

Coder Dojo Girls only #1

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Coder Dojo Girls only! The 1st of the series

I attended The coder Dojo  Girls only event At Kingston University last September 2017.

At this event I chose to do the moving caterpillar challenge.  For this challenge I was given some electronic components, a paper clip, cardboard, duck tape & scissors.  The goal was to use the components & tools/materials to make a thingy that could be programmed to move using a Microbit.

The design of the thingy was really simple but loads of small modifications & adjustments had to be carried out on it before it was fit for purpose.

There were two stages to the programming part of the challenge:

  1. Programming  the LED display on the Microbit
  2. Programming the caterpillar to move

The actual programming was straight forward; however I did have to work out what needed to be added to the program for it to make the thingy move continuously.

Overall, I had a fun  time .  I was asked  to do a show & tell with my creation, this was a little scary at first because it was projected on each wall of the hall.




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