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CoderDojo Girls Only #2

CoderDojo Girls Only #2

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The Micro:bit and the App project!

On the 7th of October 2017, I went to Girls Only Dojo, the second of a series, hosted by Macquarie Group in Moorgate.
The workshops I took part in were:

  • Micro:bit
  • Design an app

First, I started with Micro:bit! The objective was to program the micro:bit so that when I pressed a button, it displayed my name followed by flashing lights! To give me some support, one of the mentors helped me to understand what my code meant! The finished product looked great! I would like to do more micro:bit related projects in the future!

After I completed my micro:bit project, I moved onto “Design an app”. I started off by choosing the theme to base my app on and a user group (the people who would use this type of app).
In the end I chose a theme about how to stay healthy!  Next, I thought about the different categories my app would include. I chose the following sections:

A recommendation section on  healthy fruit options;

A section about remembering to brush your teeth and how important it is;

A section on how to brush your teeth correctly.

To begin with, I created sketches of the different features of my app and  followed the step by step instructions!  Later these sketches were uploaded &  used to help bring my app to life, with an app builder called “Marvel”.

As we were approaching to the end of the Coder Dojo session, I had the chance to show my work to everyone and to see what they thought of my idea. Everybody gave me a round of applause and I felt very proud of myself on what I achieved.

I could not wait until the next time I would go to another  CoderDojo workshop!

Overall, I really had enjoyed my time. I think I spent my time well on the things I was interested in and what I felt like doing! This was the end of an amazing day at the CoderDojo Girls Only at Moorgate!

You can see more pictures of my projects on my Portfolio Project page below:

Micro:bit: Shake output to LED Light String & Coding my name

Design Club: Design a helpful mobile app


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