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Leading My First Microbit Workshop

Leading My First Microbit Workshop

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The Xmas Light Box coded with the Micro:bit

On Saturday 9th December I had the privilege of acting as the lead mentor for one of the workshops at the Coder Dojo at Kingston University (CoderDojo Ham). The workshop was called ‘ Christmas Light Box’. It involved making & decorating a Christmas themed light box & coding different light sequences. I worked alongside two experienced volunteers – Val & Ben – who in turn mentored me.

This was my first time mentoring, usually I attend the Coder Dojo workshops as one the people being mentored. I really wanted to help with this particular workshop as a mentor because it involved the BBC Micro:bit which I’m quite familiar with.

The following materials were used:

BBC Microbit & battery pack;
Neo Pixel strip;
Small cardboard box;
Tin foil;
Tracing paper;
Glue stick;

    A variety of small Christmas decorations;

Before the actual day of the workshop I needed to mark out, cut & fold some cardboard boxes; sources some decorations & organise them into packs to be distributed to the workshop attendees.

At home, in the days leading up to the workshop, I practiced assembling the light box several times. This helped me to prepare for any problems people might encounter & to anticipate any questions that may pop up. I also re-familiarised myself with the coding part of the activity (Java script block editor) – as the coding is normally the bit that most people get stuck on.


As people started to arrive, I gave them a worksheet with instructions on, to get them stated with the project. I had to make a short introductory speech on what we were going to be making during the session. To be honest, I felt quite nervous at first because there were so many people watching. Any how, as the session continued I felt more & more confident – knowing that Val & Ben were close by also made me feel more at ease. Soon I was whizzing around distributing materials & helping people to work through the activity.

All the practice seemed to pay off because I was able to help everyone with the areas they were having difficulty with. I felt extremely happy with the fact that my advice was actually working!

It was a great turnout, both the kids & parents were engaged. I was particularly pleased & energised by the fact that loads of girls turned up. I hope the success of the workshop further encourages more girls to attend Coder Dojos & to get involved with coding in general.

Overall, it was really fun mentoring and helping people out. I intend to help mentor another BBC Microbit project in the very near future!

Have a look at my portfolio here for more pictures of the workshop!


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mikePosted on7:29 pm - Dec 10, 2017

Avye, congratulations on leading your 1st workshop and being a mentor. Once you’ve completed your 1st, the rest will be easier as you are already a reflective person by the way you write your experiences in your blog 🙂 It is fantastic that you are an inspiration to other girls. I really hope more attend each time and that they might become mentors 🙂 Look forward to reading about you leading your next event.

Daphne CouloutePosted on9:26 pm - Dec 10, 2017

Hi Avye, you seem very professional with your presentation at the workshop. You must have done a lot of preparation for the day. Well done!

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