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Micro:Bit Live!_October 2019

Micro:Bit Live!_October 2019

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On October 4th & 5th, the Microbit Foundation held its first annual conference of the global Microbit community of educators, makers, and partners who came together to share experiences, amazing Microbit projects and the latest teaching, and learning materials.

It was also an opportunity to hear about how the Micro: Bit is being adopted around the world. The conference took place at BBC MediaCityUK in Manchester. I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on the second day (Oct 5th) alongside three amazing young people (Femi (@hakerfemo), Josh(@all_about_code), and Nishka(@scrtsprstr).

What a nice surprise! As we got off the train in Manchester we bumped into Nishka and her mum. Together we walked up to the BBC headquarters in Media City, excited about the day ahead. Once we made it to the floor, where the Micro: bit Live event was held, we were greeted by the Microbit team and began to recognise many familiar faces. As I made my way around the conference I got introduced to an eclectic crowd of developers and Microbit enthusiasts!.

My panel talk wasn’t until 14:10, which gave me enough time to view different projects that people had been working on and to catch up with friends. I was definitely impressed by how advanced and interactive some of the projects on display were. There seemed to be a focus on resources and learning opportunities for both students and educators. There were representatives of organisations, explaining their many rollouts of physical computing projects and sharing experiences and tips.

I saw & even heard some cool projects that were still in development, such as the band of techno bunnies which used solenoids to drum along to synth sounds. It was created by an artist, musician & maker called Daniel Lacey-McDermott aka Captain Credible (@captaincredible)! I was very impressed by his creations!

I got a close up look at the resized Bit bot with its new neat way of including the pen holder & its new tougher looking connector on the proximity sensor. I used the Bit bot in previous workshops and was pleased to see that it was still going strong!

Another cool product was the Air bit made by MakeKit. It is a cool little drone that uses the Microbit. My mum backed the project on Kickstarter and we will receive one around Feb-March next year.  It was great to see it physically and I cannot wait to receive it!

Pimoroni  (represented by Tanya Fish (@tanurai)) was also present, exhibiting some really cool products & projects. Apologies Tanya, the day went by too quickly and we didn’t get a chance to meet!

The micro: mag team were in the house represented by Kerry Kidd(@RaspiKidd), Editor in Chief and Josh Lowe, Senior Editor. Well done guys for the fantastic work you’re doing on this magazine. It’s now also available in print!

It was nice to see Lorraine (@LMcUnderwoood) and her Cubert again! She is talking about retiring it, but who knows! We might see it pop up again somewhere!

I got to catch up with some of the Young Coders members & learned about the great projects/adventures that they’d been involved in over the summer through their fab presentations.
I would like to say well done to Femi, Nishka, Avni&Aaron (@PremalathaBalan) who delivered great lightning talks on the work they are doing at the Young Coders Meet up (YCM_UK) and beyond.

I was happy to meet Caroline Keep (@Ka81) face to face for the first time!  She is the Director of the first Maker school in the UK! I’m excited to say that she’ll be speaking at my Girls Into Coding #5 in November.

There were also workshops you could join in with. I knew two people who led a workshops: Les Pounder (@biglesp) and Nick Hughes (@duck_star). Les ran a “Poundland hack” session and Nick ran a workshop called ‘Combining DT and Computing. Making things move with micro:bit”. Unfortunately, due to timing, I did not get to participate but I heard they were very entertaining and the participants learned a lot.

When my time arrived to take part in the panel discussion with Nishka, Femi & Josh, I felt slightly nervous and excited.
The panel discussion was led by the lovely and talented Cat Lamin(@CatLamin). We answered questions about recent projects, events, ideas & views. We also talked about the Microbit and what attracted us to it.

The public enjoyed our discussion and I heard it was the highlight of the day for many! This was nice to hear! It really made my day knowing that there is so much support from the maker & tech community for the work we’re all doing.

I really enjoyed my time at Microbit Live 2019 and I can truly say the event was a success! I want to thank the Microbit Team for organising such a great conference and for inviting me. A special thank you to Rachel (@ItsAll_Geek2Me) and to the Farnell(@Farnell_Avnet) team!

Bring on Microbit Live 2020!


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