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Virtual Girls Into Coding #4 – Oct 25th, 2020

Virtual Girls Into Coding #4 – Oct 25th, 2020

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We’ve made it to our 4th virtual Girls Into Coding event! It consisted of 4 workshops: The Microbit robot, where we explored using motors and distance sensors with the microbit, which was led by myself (Avye).

Robot simulator, where the participants used lines of code to navigate their robot through a virtual environment. This workshop was jointly led by Ben and a new mentor called Sam. She is a mechanical design engineer for industrial automation. It was great to have another female mentor joining our Girls Into Coding team, welcome Sam!

In addition, we also had an Exploring 3D Design workshop, which was a great opportunity for the girls to design a model, which could go on to be 3D printed, this one was led by Graham.

And our final workshop led by Llewelyn, called Crawl Bot, was a new workshop, which hadn’t been run before. In preparation for this workshop, I had the chance to test and provide feedback on several aspects of assembly and instructions. It felt really great to be able to provide my thoughts regarding this workshop.

So thank you to Ben, Sam, Graham, and Llewelyn for delivering these great workshops at Girls Into coding!

As well as the workshops, we were joined by two inspiring female role models, doing cool things in the Tech space, who delivered lightning talks. 

Our first talk was delivered by Melenie Schatynski. Melenie is an Engineer at Applied & Co-Founder at My Code Kit. She is an Educator and Entrepreneur who spends her time creating beautiful things whilst giving people the tools to be able to do the same. She talked to us about “Starting your Ed-tech Company”

Our other guest speaker Nuria Manuel, delivered a talk about ‘Why failures are actually the stepping stones to greatness’. Nuria is a Software QA Lead who is on a mission to impact the world’s understanding of quality. She is an advocate for all aspects of diversity in Engineering and Technology and has spoken in secondary schools and universities to encourage students and to share her experience.

After the talks, everybody had the chance to ask questions, interact with Melenie and Nuria, and find out more about their tech journeys and motivations. It was very inspiring!

A big thank you and well done to Melenie and Nuria for the enlightening and inspiring talks.

And Congrats Emily, one of our attendees, for winning the quiz!

A Special thank you to Angular London Meetup, our sponsor for this event! 

We always enjoy reading your feedback, as it’s important to identify what we should do again, but also what we can improve on 🙂



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