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Micro:Bot Radio Control-June 2018

Micro:Bot Radio Control-June 2018

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The Micro:bot Radio Control

On Saturday the 23rd of June, I lead a Micro:bit workshop at Coder-Dojo Kingston University. Realising that it was the last Coder-Dojo until September, I wanted to end on a high note by delivering a Micro:bit Robotics workshop. I  ran a version of this workshop in January 2018 but this time I included an additional challenge – radio control capability. If someone had done the workshop before they could go straight to the new radio control challenge. There was one person, Chloe,  who had already done it, she welcomed the radio control challenge.

For the Micro:bit workshop, we had two tables, one of five and one of four. Nine people in total attended. I remembered that Ben and Val (the other mentors I was working with) weren’t there when I did the workshop back in January, so I showed them the car bot and ran through how it worked. In preparation, I used the bots that I used last time and arranged the kits so that the attendees could find their components without hassle. The different pieces involved were:  

  • Wheels with the rubber tire
  • Servos
  • A four space battery pack holder with an on and off switch attached to it
  • Black, green and yellow crocodile clips
  • Wagos
  • Red, black, yellow and green jumper wires
  • Whashers, nuts, and screws for securing the wheels in place
  • Sticky pads
  • Lastly, the cardboard box

Everyone managed to get past the making part very well with some guidance & encouragement. Most of the attendees seemed to really enjoy handling the components & using the equipment/tools to build the robot. But when it came to the coding part, I was happy to lend a hand and to troubleshoot with them to debug their code.

At the very end of the session, it was time for show and tell. It was an opportunity for the participants to show what they have been working on. Their projects were shown on the big screen so everyone inside the room could see what they had done or made. I was so thrilled that 3 people out of 9 wanted to show the Car:bot that they had been making. It might not sound a lot but it is still great seeing people from my tables wanting to show and tell about their projects.

I can’t wait until the next season starts in September when I will be introducing new projects or the same projects but with different features added to them. I am also hopeful of seeing more girls joining the workshops!


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