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Robotics Workshop_Mar2019

Robotics Workshop_Mar2019

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Line Following Robot!

On Saturday 23 March, I mentored a Microbit workshop for CoderDojo at Kingston University. There were two Microbit workshops available.

I ran the Robotics one. Ben and Val, on the other hand, delivered an electronic Hogwarts sorting hat workshop, from the movie Harry Potter. The attendees on my table had to make and code a line following robot. It’s one that I’ve delivered before in a past CoderDojo workshop. I decided to run this session again because I felt that it was a nice project that allowed the attendees to collaborate with each other, solve problems & modify their code to make the robot move better. They also worked together to make adjustments to their line following sensors. Oh and most importantly they were able to test their robot and create their own line following track to see how well each robot was able to follow the line.

Everyone who came to the line following robot workshop really engaged with the task and enjoyed having the element of making and coding, which I’m glad they liked. By the end of the workshop, everyone had successfully managed to make the robot work and were very enthusiastic to keep modifying their code to make the robots travel at the best speed possible, So that they wouldn’t veer off the track.

In the future, I would love to experiment more with the robots, as there are so many projects that can be done with them.
In addition, I’m also working towards my April “Girls Into Coding” event! Stay tuned for that blog and if you are a girl and are interested in coming to this event look out for the tickets which we will be going on Eventbrite shortly!.

PS: I recently added a book review from a book I enjoyed very much! It’s called “The Island of Adventure” by Enid Blyton. You can have a look here!


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