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CoderDojo Kingston University_Jan 2020

CoderDojo Kingston University_Jan 2020

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On January the 11th, it was the first Coderdojo back at Kingston University, and it was now 2020! To kick things off, I ran a Bitbot workshop.

For this workshop, the participants would choose which functions they wanted to program first, and then gradually make their way through other worksheets to cover different functions, learning and coding along the way.

Through running several different bitbot workshops, I’ve found that the Bitbot definitely makes programming fun, especially when you see your robot in action after coding it yourself. The different mini projects to choose from were: Coding the neopixels on the Bitbot; the motors, to make it move forwards, backwards, left and right; The light sensor, which when a light is shone on it, the robot will follow it, and not forgetting the distance sensor that reacts, whenever it senses something in front of it.

As soon as I arrived at CoderDojo, I set up my area and was eager to start the workshop straight away. Once the workshop was up and running, I noticed that everyone was relishing experimenting with the code they had just learned, and were either combining different elements of other worksheets or using the different features of the Bitbot, to try and make the program more interesting, which for me was great to help out and to observe. Since the Bitbot has a pen holder feature to it, I set up a little area, where people could test-run their code and see what patterns their Bitbot would make with a felt tip pen mount on the back. I remember a particular girl trying to make a star shape, after many different test runs and through resilience, she managed to get there. This just goes to show if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Always give it a go and try not to give up!

Whenever I took a few moments to look around, I felt lucky to be part of such a warm and supportive atmosphere – created by people who shared a similar interest and who were happy to give something new a go. Overall, I really enjoyed the first session back and can’t wait for the next one.


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