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The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton

The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton

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Last month, I dived into an exhilarating book called ‘Island of adventure’ by Enid Blyton, which is one of the best books I have read! It is all about three curious children

who spend their holidays with each other and are destined to uncover the truth about a mysterious island called the Isle of Gloom. With their eagerness, they explore the hidden secrets of the island, but having not a thought about the challenges and dangers they might have to face, they find themselves in abandoned  copper mines and exploring secret tunnels beneath the sea. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this adventurous book, I could clearly imagine and feel all of the excitement the children were having. In addition, I find adventure one of the best genre of books, since there is always a thrilling escapade the characters go on that never makes me want to stop reading the book. One of my favourite characters in this story has to be Phillip, as he has a lot of will to go back and explore the strange island more.

I would definitely recommend this book for people like me who have a taste for mystery and adventure! In the future, I am going to read the rest of the series, based on the stimulating experience I have had from the ‘Island of Adventure’.


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