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HackWimbledon – Dec17

HackWimbledon – Dec17

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Meet up – HackWimbledon

On Saturday the 2nd of December I went to a Meet up called HackWimbledon. It is a pop-up hack space for anyone, maker or creator who is working  on projects related to TECH – solo or group projects. It is held in Wimbledon and hosted by WimbletechHackWimbledon is all about making, creating and sharingin a friendly environment. I felt comfortable there and was nicely welcomed by DJ, the organiser and seasoned tech maker.

I went to this meet up for two reasons. First, I wanted to know more about what HackWimbledon was about and was curious about this space where techies gather, work on projects and share ideas.

The second reason, was because I needed to create my instruction sheet for my 1st Micro:bit workshop – which I will lead next Saturday Dec 9th at CoderDojo Ham.  I am very excited about next week as this will be the first time I will lead a workshop for a group of 10-15 children!  They will create a LightBox using Micro:Bit and a NeoPixel string. My instruction sheet needed to be very clear, detailed and illustrated with pictures! HackWimbledon was a good place to work as it was a motivating environment.

Before getting on with my project, I had a look around at what everyone else was working on.  DJ was very nice at showing us the new Christmas Pi-Hut and the code he’s created for it. He also showed us some cool gadgets he had – such as miniature screen (it was about the size of a large stamp), some customised Raspberry pis, the new Pi-Top, Pixel rings and more!.  Seeing all of this new stuff has inspired me and I plan to try some new projects – hopefully gain some new skills in the very near future. I was really impressed by all that DJ knew about tech and the other  projects that were being worked on.

Overall, I was glad I went to HackWimbledon and managed to complete my task there.  I think it was a good opportunity to meet new people who share an interest in Tech.

Stay tuned! I will have a lot to say next week about my first  Micro:bit workshop at CoderDojo Ham in Kingston!

To see more pictures, have a look at my portfolio here. Until next time, Bye for now!


Hi, my name is Avye and I love making, coding, designing, exploring new technology and swimming! This site is about the things I get to experience, discover and enjoy. Welcome to my world!

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