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Girls Into Coding #5!_November 2019

Girls Into Coding #5!_November 2019

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Girls into Coding #5 (GIC5) was on Saturday the 3rd of November, which surprisingly came around quite quickly, despite the last one being at the end of July.

I was thrilled after reflecting back to my first Girls into Coding event and seeing how much progress we’ve made.

I knew that this one was going to be just as awesome and maybe the best so far. Soon after my mum released the tickets on Eventbrite, I noticed that a few of the girls that signed up were returnees who’d attended previous events. It felt great to know that they wanted to come back to my event.

In preparation for GIC5, I had to work on a number of fun and interesting things for the robotics workshop that I was going to deliver. I decided to add two new features to my robots, including a servo grabber claw and a linear actuator to raise and lower an LED warning light. I also had another opportunity to use 2D Design. 2D Design is a software app that can be used to design stuff that can be outputted on a laser printer. I used it to help design some attachments for the claw and actuator as well as some new robot chassis for future use. I always have fun preparing for GIC events as it is a great way to discover and learn along the way. I feel that it’s good to have fun when doing something, as it motivates me to keep going when the hours start clocking up.

For those who follow my Girls into Coding, you’ll know that I invite a range of speakers and mentors/workshop facilitators to the events. So to kick the event off, I introduced the workshop facilitators and speakers and then explained the itinerary or the day. A bonus feature for me was that I got to do some 3D modeling & scanning on one of the workshops before the attendees arrived with Graham and my friend Erin.

The facilitators

Llewelyn is a computer scientist, a maker and is the founder of Think Create Learn whose objective is to deliver tech courses to students. Mikel is an inspiring programmer & maker.
Graham is a Digital Media Consultant. He focuses on 3D design, 3D scanning, 3D printing and is an advisor for Educational Institutions.
And me (Avye)!

The Speakers
They were all inspiring females, who are doing cool and interesting things in Tech and STEM.

Kavita Kapoor – “Will robots replace your teacher? AI and Deep Learning Explained”.
Kavita is a technologist whose mission is to make learning equitable and joyful for everyone. Most recently Kavita was COO of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation – home of the BBC micro:bit. Previously Kavita has worked as a coder, software designer, and technology strategist for organisations as diverse as London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Channel 4 Television and ICL Fujitsu.

Zoe Philpott – “Ada Lovelace & getting creative with technology”
Zoe is an award-winning storyteller and tech entrepreneur. She has led and collaborated with others on many creative and inspirational projects successfully linking storytelling and theatrical performances with technology. Her work is at the intersection of Art and STEM.  Zoe is also the creator of ‘Ada Ada Ada’, which uses a 4,400 strong LED dress to tell the story of Ada Lovelace. She is working with businesses, governments, STEM industries, thought leaders and educational organisations to make a significant difference in the critical area of gender imbalance.

Caroline Keep – “Ways to Succeed in Making  – Guide to the world of technology”.
Caroline is the director of Spark Penketh, the first school makerspace in the UK with an all-inclusive student digital making curriculum. Multiple award winner including the 2018 TES New Teacher of the Year award for her work on STEAM learning. She is also an Educational consultant for firms to engage with schools.

Charlene Hunter – “Being a Coding Female”
Charlene is an experienced Java Developer. She is also skilled in JavaScript, Mongo, HTML, CSS, SQL, C#, Xamarin. She is a strong engineering professional with a Master of Science (MSc) focused on Computer Science and is an App Developer at SAM Software Solutions and the Founder of Coding Black Females.

The Workshops

Llewelyn & Mikel – Invention workshop challenge
The challenge was to create and code an amazing invention using Micro:bits, motors, sensors, displays, gears, wheels, levers, springs, tools, sticky stuff and lots more!

Graham – Introduction to 3D Design, 3D Scanning & 3D Printing
This was a hands-on workshop using 3D design software, to gain the basic skills needed for 3D modeling and printing.

Me (Avye) – Microbit Grabber Robot
For my workshop, the robots had to be assembled, wired up and coded by the girls. I opted to use the Kitronik All-in-one Robotics Board because it allowed motors, servos, a proximity sensor, an LED and buzzer to be conveniently connected to the Microbit. Part of the code enabled the robots to respond to the proximity sensor and a handheld joypad controller – which would move the robot around & operate the grabber claw. There were several components and add-ons loaded onto the chassis but it was definitely worth it, seeing the final outcome.

All of the workshops went extremely well, and it was great to see the girls focused and working their way through the challenges. It was equally good to see the girls working things out for themselves, and being very inquisitive and resilient when they didn’t understand something. Moreover, the girls who grasped certain things a little faster were keen to help and explain things to the others in their workshop. This gave me an idea for the future, maybe some of the girls could be supported/mentored to develop and run a workshop of their own. I believe that with the right support everyone is capable of running a workshop, as it’s all about sharing what you know. I was happy that everyone enjoyed what they were doing, and had the chance to see their projects up and running. When glancing from time to time at the other mentors’ workshops, the girls seemed really interested & engaged in what they were doing.

Overall, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the event and I think that this might be one of the best Girls Into Coding events so far. I definitely can’t wait for the next one. I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the people who came and helped out at my event, including Erin who assisted during the setup. I really appreciate it. A special thank you to the Microsoft team for their continuous support! And a final thank you to the attendees and parents for their wonderful and encouraging feedback.


Hi, my name is Avye and I love making, coding, designing, exploring new technology and swimming! This site is about the things I get to experience, discover and enjoy. Welcome to my world!

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