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Mozilla Festival 2017!

Mozilla Festival 2017!

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Mozfest 2017!

On Saturday October 28th, I went to the Mozfest festival 2017!  I couldn’t wait to see what type of activities they had. The event took place over two days & was split up into three different types of sessions:

  • Learning forum sessions – where you could listen, learn about & discuss different topics;
  • Gallery sessions  – which contained interactive exhibits / installations / games & stalls designed for 1:1 activities;
  • Shed sessions – which featured hands-on making, hacking and prototyping opportunities.

On entering the venue we were given swags (freebees) such as: stickers (good for decorating your computer!), Mozfest water bottles, Sharpie Pens, USB sticks, note pads, and for grownups – jazzy Mozilla socks !!! I found all of these things really cool! We even got to customise our own entrance pass!

The first session I joined was a Public Speaking class called “Confidence: How to Be As Confident As Beyonce & Speak Like Obama”. I found this really helpful because I get nervous when I have to talk in  front of a large group of people. We talked about confidence being more of an output than an input. You don’t just decide (input) to be confident, there is no such thing. It is more like the result of one or several actions (for example, when you know your subject very well, you then feel more comfortable (output) to talk about it. As a result, you appear to be confident. I also learnt that we should always try to be ourselves as we are all different from each other and to relax. During the class we had lots of role play which made it very interactive and workable for all ages! There were adults, teenagers and young kids like me. We all gelled quite well.

Next I had a VR (virtual reality) experience. It was not my first experience with VR but I love to try it anytime I have the opportunity. This time I saw BB8 and a hologram of myself!  It was really cool to see something that wasn’t really there (BB8). My mum tried it as well and she loved it. She was acting like a robot when she put the HoloPortal on!

3D printing was my next stop.  This was organised by Make:Shift:Do. I made the outer casing for a pen using a 3D printer (it was slow though).

I then finished assembling the pen by inserting the ink & nib into the pen casing. What worried me was that it didn’t have a lid, then somebody told me that biro does not dry. FACT : Biro dose not dry out!

Feeling lucky, I decided to enter a competition organised by Crafts Council UK . You just needed to design / craft an innovation to improve people’s mental or physical wellbeing. The design entries had to be photographed & tweeted to @CraftsCouncilUK with the hashtag #CCmakeshiftdo. The winner will be announced sometime at the end of November and receive a littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets kit. I hope I win it!

Continuing my journey, I stumbled upon an interesting workshop called ‘Unmasking your online reality”. I was intrigued. We were given a  plain white mask to draw on.  The aim was to transform the mask to reflect an online representation of ourselves! My mask was a bit random but fun to make! An artist called Sally from Voicemag  ran the session.  She took pictures to put up in a gallery! She will later film them using a 360 degree camera that will be part of a VR experience. Also the masks became part of a group exhibition over the week end.

I went to another session called ‘ VR-360 camera: Reconstructed Realities. It was an introduction to a 360 camera which was related to VR. The session was presented by Grace Owolade and her team (Sam, Stuart, Femi & Thomas) from South London Raspberry Jam. We discussed the experience each of us have had with VR. We experimented with the Google cardboard box  app and explored using the 360 camera. Together, we recorded a 360 video where everybody introduced themselves and said what they like. This was done while seated in circle. The video was then posted onto YouTube and we were able to see it at the end of the day!  (it was a good intro to the 360 camera since the team only received the camera a few days before the event).

Understandably, I couldn’t go to every workshop &  I was only able to attend one day – So there were still lots of fun things to do, which I didn’t have enough time for.

This was a great experience, I can’t wait to see what new and fun things they have next year ! <3

Don’t miss the next Mozfest 2018, I will be there!

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