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Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

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I read “Wolf brother” by Michelle Paver and I really enjoyed the theme and the setting of the book. Thankfully, I noticed that there were more books leading on from “Wolf brother”. Spirit walker was the next one so I decided to read it.

Michelle Paver, is a British novelist and children’s writer. She is known for her fantasy series called “chronicles of the ancient darkness.”

Spirit walker is an adventurous story, set on an island inhabited by The Seal Clan. A terrible sickness is upon the forest clans. Torak, the main character in the adventure, is told that he can find the cure were the Seal Clan live… and so begins the story.

The author helps us to visualize what Toraks’ life is like in prehistoric times. She does this by mentioning his use of tools & items like: a bow; a medicine horn; a pouch and focusing on Torak’s bond with animals.

Overall, I loved reading “spirit walker” and hopefully you will be seeing  another book review on the next book in the series

(Soul eater).   Give it a try!!


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