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Project Prep by Janneke Niessen & Niki Smit

Project Prep by Janneke Niessen & Niki Smit

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I know it has been a long time since I have written a book review and I apologise for that. But here I am with a review of one of my favourite books called “Project Prep”  by Janneke Niessen & Niki Smit. It is also linked to the inspiring juniors competition, which celebrated the launch of the book and aimed to find girl role models who are enthusiastic about technology.

The story is about programming and a friendship between three thirteen- year old girls named Isabelle, Kate, and Aisha. Kate (Isabelle’s best friend) is amazing at picking out the right outfits every day with no effort. But Isabelle, on the other hand, has a hard time figuring out what clothes work together and it is a big deal for her to choose which clothes to wear at school.  So she comes up with an idea to make an app, which would recommend outfits for anyone like her who needs help choosing the best clothing for any occasion. They meet Ashia at school and she’s a whizz with outfits, so they ask her if she would like to help out with the app. In the story they all take on different roles to do with the app:

Aisha: Clothes designer

Kate: head of styling and data analyst

Isabelle(boss): styling and algorithms

The only snag is that Kate and Aisha know how to do their jobs well but Isabelle doesn’t know how to code so she uses websites to quickly learn.

The girls face setbacks, challenges, and experience success – all the things that entrepreneurs have to deal with. They enter a competition which gives them an opportunity to collaborate with some big fashion companies…

This book is very clear & easy to read. As well as having a coding theme, the story contains lots of detail about various parts of the girls’ daily lives which helped me to imagine the different ups & downs that they go through.  If you’re into coding, then this is definitely a book for you try!


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