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Girls Who Code by Stacia Deutsch

Girls Who Code by Stacia Deutsch

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The Friendship Code

My joy of coding drew me to read “Girls Who Code” by Stacia Deutsch.

The book is about a friendship between four girls called Sophia, Emma, Lucy and Erin who share an interest in coding. They are brought together through a coding club.

On the first day at coding club they learn about the basics of computer programming but Lucy is eager to learn how to design an app. Someone very dear to her is very ill & she wants to make an app that will help people understand the illness.

The storyline has a lot of mystery & suspense. Strange notes are found with even stranger instructions on. The girls pull together to try and work out what these notes mean & what they should do about them. Unsure of where the notes are coming from the girls try their best to put the pieces of the mystery together.

This book kept me in suspense because I wanted to find out who was leaving these mysterious notes with mysterious instructions and the link with coding!

Overall I really enjoyed it! I am looking forward to read the next one that is coming out end of October!


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