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To Be A Cat by Matt Haig

To Be A Cat by Matt Haig

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To Be a Cat

To Be A Cat by Matt Haig – the title may or may not give the story away. That’s for you to find out….

(A bit about Matt Haig … He’s a Journalist & novelist, who writes for children & adults)

It’s a funny fantasy which unfolds at a school and has a magical twist. The author helps set the scene by using several characters, including Gavin the School bully; Miss Whipmire – a really horrid head mistress; the lovely Miss Lavender – she’s nice and Rissa, the best friend of Barney.

Barney is the the main character in the story and all I’m going to say, is that his life goes through some strange changes!

The Author helps the story along with a touch of humour & even jumps into the story from time to time, to make sure us readers stay on track.

I enjoyed reading To Be A Cat and would like the opportunity to try another one of Matt Haig’s books.

Here are some of his other titles:
How To Stop Time;
The Radely’s;
The Runaway Troll.


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