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Project Prep by Janneke Niessen & Niki Smit

I know it has been a long time since I have written a book review and I apologise for that. But here I am with a review of one of my favourite books called “Project Prep”  by Janneke Niessen & Niki Smit. It is also linked to the inspiring juniors competition, which celebrated the launch of the book and aimed to find girl role models who are enthusiastic about technology.

The story is about programming and a friendship between three thirteen- year old girls named Isabelle, Kate, and Aisha. Kate (Isabelle’s best friend) is amazing at picking out the right outfits every day with no effort. But Isabelle, on the other hand, has a hard time figuring out what clothes work together and it is a big deal for her to choose which clothes to wear at school.  So she comes up with an idea to make an app, which would recommend outfits for anyone like her who needs help choosing the best clothing for any occasion. They meet Ashia at school and she’s a whizz with outfits, so they ask her if she would like to help out with the app. In the story they all take on different roles to do with the app:

Aisha: Clothes designer

Kate: head of styling and data analyst

Isabelle(boss): styling and algorithms

The only snag is that Kate and Aisha know how to do their jobs well but Isabelle doesn’t know how to code so she uses websites to quickly learn.

The girls face setbacks, challenges, and experience success – all the things that entrepreneurs have to deal with. They enter a competition which gives them an opportunity to collaborate with some big fashion companies…

This book is very clear & easy to read. As well as having a coding theme, the story contains lots of detail about various parts of the girls’ daily lives which helped me to imagine the different ups & downs that they go through.  If you’re into coding, then this is definitely a book for you try!

Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver


I read “Wolf brother” by Michelle Paver and I really enjoyed the theme and the setting of the book. Thankfully, I noticed that there were more books leading on from “Wolf brother”. Spirit walker was the next one so I decided to read it.

Michelle Paver, is a British novelist and children’s writer. She is known for her fantasy series called “chronicles of the ancient darkness.”

Spirit walker is an adventurous story, set on an island inhabited by The Seal Clan. A terrible sickness is upon the forest clans. Torak, the main character in the adventure, is told that he can find the cure were the Seal Clan live… and so begins the story.

The author helps us to visualize what Toraks’ life is like in prehistoric times. She does this by mentioning his use of tools & items like: a bow; a medicine horn; a pouch and focusing on Torak’s bond with animals.

Overall, I loved reading “spirit walker” and hopefully you will be seeing  another book review on the next book in the series

(Soul eater).   Give it a try!!

To Be A Cat by Matt Haig

To Be a Cat

To Be A Cat by Matt Haig – the title may or may not give the story away. That’s for you to find out….

(A bit about Matt Haig … He’s a Journalist & novelist, who writes for children & adults)

It’s a funny fantasy which unfolds at a school and has a magical twist. The author helps set the scene by using several characters, including Gavin the School bully; Miss Whipmire – a really horrid head mistress; the lovely Miss Lavender – she’s nice and Rissa, the best friend of Barney.

Barney is the the main character in the story and all I’m going to say, is that his life goes through some strange changes!

The Author helps the story along with a touch of humour & even jumps into the story from time to time, to make sure us readers stay on track.

I enjoyed reading To Be A Cat and would like the opportunity to try another one of Matt Haig’s books.

Here are some of his other titles:
How To Stop Time;
The Radely’s;
The Runaway Troll.

Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

Friend of Foe

I recently read “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo, so I decided to read another book by him called ” Friend or Foe”.

Michael Morpurgo has a very descriptive writing style, which helped me picture what it was like during war from a child’s point of view.

The main characters in the book are : Tucky, David, Ann and Reynolds.

The two boys (David and Tucky) have to decide if they are going to help some enemy soldiers. However their choice is difficult. The soldiers have done something bad but David and Tucky know they have done something very good. Whatever they choose to do will have a big impact!

If you are interested in history and adventure, this will be a brilliant book for you to read!

Girls Who Code by Stacia Deutsch

The Friendship Code

My joy of coding drew me to read “Girls Who Code” by Stacia Deutsch.

The book is about a friendship between four girls called Sophia, Emma, Lucy and Erin who share an interest in coding. They are brought together through a coding club.

On the first day at coding club they learn about the basics of computer programming but Lucy is eager to learn how to design an app. Someone very dear to her is very ill & she wants to make an app that will help people understand the illness.

The storyline has a lot of mystery & suspense. Strange notes are found with even stranger instructions on. The girls pull together to try and work out what these notes mean & what they should do about them. Unsure of where the notes are coming from the girls try their best to put the pieces of the mystery together.

This book kept me in suspense because I wanted to find out who was leaving these mysterious notes with mysterious instructions and the link with coding!

Overall I really enjoyed it! I am looking forward to read the next one that is coming out end of October!

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Kensuke’s Kingdom

I really enjoyed reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. I like his writing style!

This book is about a boy called Michael. He was starting a new life on board a boat called ‘The Peggy Sue”. When Michael and his family were well out at sea, the boy fell off the boat along with his dog Stella. His parents had no idea that Michael and Stella had fallen over board. Michael saw in the distance, land.

When on the island, he met this strange man called Kensuke. Kensuke provided all the food the boy and his dog would need. Michael did not know why! One day, something terrible happened but in many days, Kensuke made everything better.

Michael was really desperate to find his family again. He wrote a letter, put it in a bottle and threw it as far as he could, out to sea.

Days and days had passed, suddenly he saw a ship coming towards him…

This is a book packed with action! I would definitely recommend it! It was amazing to read and I am thinking about reading another book by Michael Morpurgo!


Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens

Cream Buns and Crime

Somebody in my class did a review on this book, “Cream buns and crime” by Robin Stevens, so I decided to give it a try!

To me, the style  was very different compared to other books I have read.  The book is made up of short stories – about cases that need to be solved. It is a good book to get you introduced to the series.

It is about a club created by two girls.  The club is a secret! Their aim is to help solve cases and find out who, if anyone at all, has committed a crime. 

As well as the stories, Cream Buns & Crime has several tips and tricks sections throughout the book. I found these sections interesting because you get to know what you would need if you want to set up your own detective society.

Although this was something different to read, I did not enjoy it because I am not into mystery and murder stories.

If you are interested in this category this would be a good book for you to read!