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Girls Into Coding #2 – Nov 2018

Girls Into Coding # 2!

Sunday, November 25!  My second Girls Into Coding Event had arrived. I was so excited.  The first one had been held back in July & I couldn’t wait to do it 

Line Following Robot – Nov 2018

Line Following Robot

On the 10th of November, I ran a Microbit robotics workshop at Coderdojo – Kingston University. The objective was to build a

Richmond Robotics – Oct 2018

Robotics workshop – CoderDojo Richmond

On the 20th of October, I co-ran another robotics workshop with Mikel (Llewelyn’s son) at Richmond library.

Maker Faire Rome – Oct 2018

Maker Faire Rome: My 3-day Exhibition

On the 11th of October, I flew all the way to Rome (Italy) to exhibit my Voice ‘O’ Tronik robot at ‘Maker Faire Rome’

CodeDojo Ealing – Sep 2018

First CoderDojo Ealing at University of West London! (UWL)

Saturday, September 30th Was the first Ealing CoderDojo. It was organised by Llewelyn and held at

Robot Buggy-Sep 2018

Radio Controlled Robot Buggy using Microbit!

We ’ve had a long & enjoyable summer holiday and it has been a long time since the last coder Dojo but now,

Girls Into Coding #1 – July 2018

Girls Into Coding!

Sunday, July 8th! The day had finally arrived for my Girls Into Coding event! I’d been planning it for ages and it was finally on! I was really looking forward to it!

Micro:Bot Radio Control-June 2018

The Micro:bot Radio Control

On Saturday the 23rd of June, I lead a Micro:bit workshop at Coder-Dojo Kingston University. Realising that it

All London Raspberry Jam

All London Raspberry Jam hosted by The Microsoft Reactor!

On Saturday 9th June, I demonstrated my Voice O’tronik bot at the All London Raspberry Jam hosted

Micro:bit Fit Bit – May 2018

Your very own Micro:Fit:Bit!

On Saturday the 19th of May I partnered with Ben and Val to mentor a  Micro:bit workshop at Kingston University. The objective was to make