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About me

About me

Hi guys! My name is Avye, I’m now 11, and I want to tell you a little bit about me!

I was born in 2007 in London and I am the oldest in my class, no pressure!. I am now in year 6. Wow! secondary school next year!  I live with my mum and Dad in London. My mum works for a full-service digital agency and my dad is a teacher. We do lots of activities together. I usually do art & crafts, making, & reading with my dad (we are reading the Harry Potter books together). With my mum we usually do coding, we go to STEAM events and CoderDojo clubs together (my dad comes along as well!).

For my website, I have chosen the name “10 to no limit” for the following reasons:

1. I started my website when I was 10 years old.

2. From 10, I am going to go on to no limit!

So here you go, 10 To No Limit!

It is about the things I get up to, and the activities I like doing!

I am in a  swim squad. I train 4 times a week, 4h per week. It is challenging but I am determined to keep up since I love this discipline and I want to get better and better !!!

I play tag rugby at school, this is my 3rd year.

In my spare time, I like to go to the park on my scooter or bike. Making is something I like doing and want to do more of.

I enjoy reading especially when I choose my own books! Sometimes I get distracted by the iPad but my mum and dad are quick to remind me when I get off track!

I  love Minecraft! I like playing in survival mode and building crazy worlds. I can pretend to be an architect and design buildings. I also love Lego!

Most Saturdays I either attend a code group or I am busy leading a Micro: bit workshop for CoderDojo at Kingston University.

I started coding when I was 7 years old & have enjoyed it ever since.  My first experience with coding was with My Kidsy coding classes. It was fun and since then I kept coding!

I went to coding classes organised by Geeky Kids. I’ve enjoyed and learnt so much with them!  I was often the only girl in the class but it did not intimidate me. They were all very nice to me!

With my coding club, we have covered many computer languages such as:

1. Unity. It’s a gaming software language. I’ve just explored the surface of it since it takes quite a long time to master it! But it was fun!

2. JavaScript programming where we covered basic JavaScript programming constructs.

3. Web Authoring. We’ve programmed using HTML5, CSS and some JavaScript to create fun projects for the web.

4. Kodu game programming. It is a visual programming language made specifically for creating games.

5. Scratch and converting Scratch programs to JavaScript.

Last November, I won the ‘best working device’ for the Micro: bit 1st Birthday Challenge & my robot was exhibited at the Bett Show in January. In February, I was selected to be part of 12 young coders for a Young Coders Conference at the Tate Modern – where I collaboratively developed & delivered workshops to the public.

I want to become a visible role model for young people in general, particularly for girls, to inspire more girls to get into coding and to encourage more girl involvement in tech. This April, I led a workshop at the CoderDojo Girls Only event at the Institute of Imagination. At the end of April, I won the hardware category at the Coolest Project UK with my voice command robot – Voice O’ tronik Bot.

In June I was invited to showcase my winning robot at the All London Raspberry Jam hosted by Microsoft Reactor.

In July I was named as one of the ten most Inspiring Juniors in the UK. The Inspiring juniors competition was launched to celebrate the publication of a new novel, Project Prep, with the aim of finding girls with a passion for technology, who are role models for others.

I am motivated to create other opportunities to encourage more girl participation in tech. I recently reached my crowdfunding campaign target to fund my first Girls Into Coding event that I run on July 8th 2018. The event was free. We delivered three exciting workshops, where the girls were able to explore coding and physical computing using the Raspberry Pi & the BBC Micro: bit (tiny computers). There were also lightning talks delivered by great female role models in Tech. The event was a success!

I believe a good way to get more girls involved in the world of STEAM is to take the lead yourself. So I decided to be proactive and organise (with the help of my parents) my second Girl Only Coding Event for 15 young girls aged from 9 to 14  in November 2018.

I hope you will enjoy my blogs! I will share with you the pictures of the coding or STEAM events I go to so you have a feel of the moment. I will also write a little review of the books I am reading. I do not pretend to be a critic but will just tell you what I honestly think of the story.


PS: All the content included in my website has been written by me. My mum and dad do some of the editings!


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